Are you unreasonably passionate about TV? Cool cuz us too. And, because we’re masochistic or something, we’re forcing ourselves to choose the absolute best TV show out of many unreasonably excellent TV shows. It’s Best in Show!

If you’re new to this shindig, here’s the deal: We’ve paired off the 32 best shows on television into several cleverly-named brackets. So now we’ve basically got 16 different versions of Sophie’s Choice. Call us melodramatic but one of the match-ups is “Sherlock” vs. “Dr. Who.” Which is better, guys, “Sherlock” or “Dr. Who”?! Thank god we’ve got Rolling Stone’s pop culture critic, Rob Sheffield, weighing in. (He went with “Sherlock.” Agree? Disagree? Let him know @robsheff.)

You can vote till Wednesday, March 6 to determine the sweet 16 shows that will progress to next week’s round. Come back every week this month to keep voting. We’ll have our winner by April 4. Now try not to agonize too much (breathe into a paper bag if you must) and go vote.

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